Conventional Electrical Metering

S.A.B.S. approved meters are installed by CONSTANTIA METERING in residential dwellings ie houses, complexes, blocks of flats, as well as office blocks and commercial businesses. These meters are normally, after a contract has been agreed to and signed installed free of charge, and stay the property of C M.  

Each consumer enters into a contract with C M. Meters are read on a monthly basis by means of a photograph and accounts are timeously sent out by means of an s m s, e-mail and/or a printed account.

Consumers have up until the 7th of each month to pay their accounts. Failing to do so results to a warning being delivered. A cost, equal to that prescribed by the local municipality, is added to the outstanding account.

Should no payment have been made by the 14th of the month, the electricity supply is terminated. A cost, again prescribed by the local authority, is added to the outstanding account and has to be paid before the supply can be reconnected.

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